Saturday, August 14, 2010


Seriously, I am going to start posting very regularly on this blog and adding photos and sharing stories and telling lies - because nothing seems interesting enough to post. No, really I am going to be accountable. I am not going to use my regular philosophy of talking about it makes me feel like I have done it so I don't have to do it. I have been pretty busy with book work and napping which is my excuse. Last night, I called my friend, Leslie, she is a fabulous portrait artist. She is always working, painting judges and CEOs and such. We often commiserate about work and the state of our fingernails (we both have stopped gnawing our nails. She also has slimmed down. I am still quite plump). When she answers the phone it sounds like she is in a bar - blaring music - Leslie in a bar? - NO! she is on the STAGE at a Peter Frampton concert! On the Stage! This is the truth. I think Leslie should have my blog. Her life is a tad more interesting. She said she said she gave Pete a hug and a squeeze - hmmmmmmmmmm. Her friend works for Peter. Check out That's all folks.
P.S. That glowing BCCB review was posted by my daughter. I find it a bit embarrassing - true! (HA) - but embarrassing.

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