Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pierre - Sock Monkey Editor of Chatter Chronicles

I have lots of little jobs to take care of today. Unfortunately, I have spent the first part of the day in discussions with Pierre(the new editor of the newsletter). Yesterday, Pierre and I finished up the August issue of Chatter Chronicles. Pierre, the new editor, is taking his job quite seriously. He is constantly poking me and telling me he needs the computer. He also feels he should take over the blog, which may be a good idea as it will give him something to do instead of bugging me. He says he is changing his image and needs to start wearing a bow tie instead of a scarf. Of course he wants me to run out and purchase the tie. I have more important things to do such as redesign a page in UNDERGROUND and design crafts for the SLEEPY book. He wants his picture above the masthead - how does he know these words? I don't know what to do. Suggestions are welcome.

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