Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snow Folk Invade Port Clinton, Ohio.

On Feb. 3rd David and I visited Port Clinton Ohio, which is located on Lake Erie. We read books, did body movement to books, and had drawing lessons at Bataan School, Danbury School and The Ida Rupp Library. The Ida Rupp Library was donated to the community by Mr Rupp in honor of his wife. Originally the library was painted blue to match Mrs. Rupp's eyes—very romantic.

Before my visit, the library hosted a snow folk craft day (instructions on to celebrate my book, The First Day Of Winter. The snow folk were on display at the library. What a cast of characters! There were snow folk of every shape and size with a host of different decorations from feathers to sequins. There was even a bridal party. 

In my instructions I suggest using beans to weight the snow folk. The library crafters found that rice works just as well and is cheaper. Thanks for the tip, Jennifer.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our visit so enjoyable. We appreciated your enthusiasm. Port Clinton rocks! 

We also want to thank the people who made our visit possible.

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