Saturday, September 4, 2010

Doll Studio

I am always mentioning the Doll Studio ----- that I need to go out there to work or have to finish painting the outside of it, so, I decided to give you a short tour of the Doll Studio. David originally was building it to be a storage shed, but along the way it turned into a woodworking and stone carving studio. Then Indigo moved in for a spell, but the lack of a bathroom, especially in winter, encouraged her to move on. I took an art doll class at Arrowmont, a craft school in Tenn. I became hooked on doll making. I am pretty intense about things. I was dragging doll supplies with me to the lake and back home again, setting up little doll making corners at both places. I took another class in art dolls and David joined me. He became hooked. David was the only male in the class. The women were so impressed that he could run a sewing machine. DUH! It is a machine. You do not need to have a surplus of female hormones to push a pedal and guide fabric. Little did they know, that when we were first together, David made the pattern for, and sewed himself a muslin shirt. With two of us making dolls we needed more room for supplies. So, the shed/woodworking/stone carving/Indigo space became the Doll Studio.
The dolls in the closeup are mine. I will take photos of David's dolls for my next post.

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